• 100kg payload hollow arm handling robot FD-B100
  • Joystick Pendant
  • Remote Maintenance Service
  • FD19
  • Synchro-feed welding system
  • FD-B6
  • FD-A20

News information

New model robot FD-B100.
New model Joystick Pendant JoyPEN.
2020.05.26New Product
New model Remote Maintenance Service.
Almega Friendly series 2 New model robot FD19.
2019.08.21New Product
Fast & Easy System Integration New model robot FD19.
The CAD Data Download Center was established.
2019.04.08New Product
New model robot FD-V80/V100/V130.
2018.06.11New Product
New model robot FD-V8L.
2018.06.11New Product
New model robot FD-B6L.
2018.06.11New Product
New model robot FD-V25.
2017.09.27New Product
New model robot FD-V8.
2017.09.27New Product
New model laser tracking sensor FD-QT.
The wafer transfer robot UTM-R3700F has been released.
Daihen's Robot Site (Eng. ver.) is open

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